Lola’s coaching style is luminous and powerful. I showed up to her Women’s Empowerment Circle a little unsure of what would happen. But I wanted to learn how to “take action” and start living and sharing my dreams. Lola provided us with a map and the tools needed to take the first steps and I left our shared space with steps that were simple, clear and to the point. I am well on my way to completing a project that for over a year remained just an idea. Thank you Lola – you’re a game changer!



Lola has been instrumental in helping me to realize my dream of starting my own business, and create actionable goals for the future. The greatest value I’ve received from working with Lola is discovering my purpose and creating action steps to achieve it, which lets me now go through both my professional and personal life with so much clarity and direction. Our sessions were consistently inspiring, impactful, and personalized. I would absolutely recommend Lola to anyone as coach to aid them in defining and achieving their dreams and purpose in life.