Fall is my favorite season. Maybe it’s because my birthday month is in it, or maybe because instead of hot summer heat, I get to cozy up in hoodies, curl up, and drink tea. Most of all, I think I just love the shifting of energies: more into my inner self and the slower, softer rhythm of life.

I’ve been super contemplative about the big picture of my life lately, and have given a lot of thought to the next chapter of my journey. Instead of being ambitious in the pursuit of my lifework, I’m looking forward to dedicating my time and energy into raising our first child. It’s a dream come true and a huge blessing and privilege that I am excited to take on!

But where does this leave my lifework? I have always been so focused on creating my path of what I am here to offer the world. Surely this does not stop just because I am about to become a mother. But rather, I’d like to think, that it’ll amplify it, give it new meaning and depth, and show me the next layer of my purpose and being.

Our passions ebb and flow…what we love sometimes may come and go. I think the most important thing is to STAY CONNECTED and TUNED IN to your SELF so that we never lose sight of what those passions are, even if it may feel like we are taking a break from it for the time being.

I’m so excited to start my next group of coaching through a 7-week e-coaching course that I would like to share with you amazing women. Regardless of where you are on your journey, I know you are wanting to continue living your potential and I can’t wait to support you on our journey together.

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You have something unique to contribute to the world.

When you find what that is, your whole life makes sense.

You were born with a specific purpose for you to share with the world. A flower has its purpose, a river has its purpose, a queen bee has her purpose, and YOU, as exactly who you are at this point in time and place, have a purpose. Your purpose is the essence of who you are and what you are here to do for the world just by being you. It’s you at your most natural and best self, you at your most giving and heartful self, and you when you feel like “being or doing this makes me feel amazing about myself and my place in the world”.

Your purpose may or may not be what you do for a living, but it is how you bring the most value to those around you. You apply your purpose to whatever situation or setting you are in because it is what you love being and doing the most. When you spend time living your purpose, you feel the most alive and grateful for being you.

When you look for ways to offer your purpose to the world, things in your life flow easily and make sense, you feel energized and are propelled forward in big ways. Start moving in the direction of your purpose today.

Exploring Your Purpose
  1.  I feel like my purpose is:
  2. I feel the most present and aware of my gifts when I am:
  3. In some of my most memorable and happy memories, I was:
  4. If I could travel the world and do this everyday for the people, it would be:
  5. If I were living my purpose, I would be doing more of:

Purpose Statement: Write a statement of what your purpose is. Don’t worry about exact wording, just capture the essence as best as you can. Post your purpose statement as a reminder to stay on path.

Knowing your life’s purpose is step one. Step two is sharing it with the world through your actions. You start to align yourself and your life with your purpose by choosing actions that honor what you are here to share with others. These actions you take starts with the self, and expand into bigger actions everyday with others, through your work, your dream projects, and your service work. There are hundreds of opportunities for you to act on your purpose. The more your actions align with your purpose, the more fun, meaning, balance, ease, and fulfillment you start to experience in your life.

My Purpose in Action: Brainstorm and list actions to start doing. Think of actions with yourself, with other people, and with the various things you do in life. It’s time to live your phenomenal purpose out loud.

  • Action 1:
  • Action 2:
  • Action 3:
  • Action 4:
  • Action 5:

Your life is determined by your actions everyday.

Be of purpose with your life.


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Strength training came into my life one afternoon in highschool when my friend Chris asked me to spot him while he bench pressed in the school weight room.  It was LOVE at first sight even though I didn’t start lifting weights regularly until university, and it remains my big love to this day at age 37.  There’s no feeling more empowering than an awesome sweat session from lifting weights and getting stronger everyday.

As I got more into strength training, those of you who lift will know what I mean when I say it is such an important metaphor and teacher for life: the more we practice lifting heavy things, the more strength and resilience we cultivate for handling the heavy things in life.  Soon, I was asking myself ‘how can I do strength training for other aspects of my self and my life?’

The more we can make a regular practice to build strength physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, the more this strength becomes internalized in who we are and COURAGE is what we become.

Here are four ways to build strength in your life in ways that will serve you:

1. Physically – Get physically strong! The body-mind-energy connection is so incredible that by getting strong on the outside, we start to get strong on the inside. It takes determination, tenacity, discipline, and self-belief to cultivate a strong body, and in that process, you start to embody those qualities.  Lifting heavy weights is always good, but if traditional weight training is not your thing, find other ways you enjoy getting physically strong.

2. Mentally – Just as we practice flexing our physical muscles on a regular basis, we should do mental training on a regular basis as well.  Daily affirmations, journaling positive things, reading inspiring books, making goals, are all great ways to build mental strength. When life gets challenging, will you have the mental strength to stay positive, think empowering thoughts, and make great decisions? Here is a great affirmation practice if you are looking for something to get started.

3. Emotionally – Let your walls down and take risks from the heart.  Just like tearing apart muscle tissues through lifting heavy weights helps to rebuild the muscle into something bigger and stronger, a heart that breaks is a heart that is open and able to rebuild itself  into a stronger one.  When you are willing to let yourself risk heartache and disappointment in order to stay true to love and compassion, you build up your emotional resilience.

4. Spiritually – There is no power stronger than the energy of the Divine Universe.  The more we can stay connected and interact with it on a daily basis, the more we draw from this infinite and all-loving power source.  Create rituals and routines to connect in your own way. Every morning as soon as I wake up, I step outside to my patio and offer a thank-you prayer to the Universe for me being alive and for blessing me and my life.  I journal and write thank-yous for all the things I’m grateful for as well as for the things I would like to manifest and achieve.  When I run, I pay attention to how my feet connect with the Earth and enjoy the nature around me.  Cultivate your own relationship with the Divine Source.

The strength you need and want is already within you.  

The courage that is your life is there for you to cultivate and nurture.  

Believe in the power that you have what it takes to craft your amazing and powerful life.



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This week was so exciting because we launched our Etsy shop of inspirational art and photography prints :)

Why did I start LoveLines?

1. Because it made me happy: I LOOOOVE writing and scribbling words and I love the power of quotes. Give me a chisled marker and some paper and I’m as happy as a clam. Those who know me well know that I have collected quotes forever and have them all around me. I used to only use chalk pastel to play around with colors and patterns, but after taking an art class, I started playing around with acrylic. I don’t see myself as an “artist” because I really can’t draw anything. But patterns of color make me happy and the practice of handwriting and playing with color feels soothing and calming to me.

2. Because we need more empowering words around us: There is already so much crap around us, I want to add more positivity. Imagine if everyone had words around them that reminded them of the magnificence within themselves as well as encouraging words that kept them going towards what they aspire to. Words = power, so let’s all have more of that in our lives.

3. Because expressing creativity is a NEED: I feel so thankful that there are so many avenues for us to share our creative energy. We are all creative beings (because we were created…it’s in our blood!) and it is our natural inclination to creatively express. To not do it is to stifle our life force, the energy that keeps us alive.

I hope you enjoy our little pieces of love, from our hearts, to yours :)

How will you share more of your creative energy?