#SeptemberShift Day 1

Happy first day of September! Fall is my fave season and I’m ready to put in some serious work. Goal #1 of 4 for the month is 30 days of running & strength training, not only for my next half marathon in October, but for my upcoming PT cert and beyond.
Big dreams are broken down to smaller goals and into specific action steps that are plotted into your daily schedule. When your consistent practice turns into your way of living…you will be LIVING YOUR DREAM. That’s how we make the SHIFT.
Let me know what you’re working on this month to MAKE YOUR SHIFT! 



I know you will know what I mean when I say big life transitions are tough. Exciting for sure, but challenging nonetheless. There is so much unknown and trepidation, even if deep down you know that everything will turn out ok. With transitions like marriage, starting a family, changing jobs, moving across the country, or whatever other big life event we might be going through, the challenge is to stay centered and keep our sense of self as we navigate through uncertainties and changes.

Here are 5 ways I am learning to stay calm and strong as I move through some of my own life changes:

1. Use your body to stay grounded: As much as stress from major life transitions make you just want to eat comfort foods and mope around, keep a daily routine to stay active, exercise your body, and eat well. The more we can use our body as an anchor, the easier it will be to stay centered on good self care as we move through challenging times. A strong body and good nutrition will help us to stay mentally sharp and emotionally strong when things get challenging.

2. Take time to sit and breathe: I know it may sound counter-intuitive when all you probably feel is constant stress, worry, and restlessness.  I personally feel like I need to do, do, do, so that I can feel like I am in control of something and accomplishing something. Sometimes the thing that helps the most though, is to take a break from the anxious thoughts and let yourself just calm your mind and deepen your breath.

3. Renew your vision: Keep bringing yourself back to your big picture end goal.  We may not know how the details will play out, but our job is to keep our eyes on our ultimate vision to keep us moving forward.  What are the feelings you want to feel as this transition happens? What do you want the final outcome to be? See yourself experiencing that final outcome and know that you are on your way.

4. Keep talking it out: Whether with your partner or a supportive friend, keep the communication open so you can sort through your thoughts, needs, and wants.  It’s not easy to keep everything bottled up within yourself, especially since most life transitions affect more than just yourself.  Share your feelings, fears, and desires in positive ways  is a healthy thing.

5. Relax and believe in yourself: Take actions that feel right to you when the time is right but remember that life also has its own agenda for us.  Relax, breathe, and know that everything is unfolding as it should.  Believe that you are doing the right things and that whatever you want the most from your heart will be what the Universe wants for you too. Life wants the best for us and with time, everything will fall into its right place.

Even when life transitions may seem challenging, daunting, or unsettling…they are a sign that you are growing and that life is evolving forward.  Stay centered and grounded within yourself and watch life bring you new amazing things that you never even imagined.




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Day 28: My Life Flows in Perfect Rhythm with the Universe

Day 28

Today’s Power Thought: My life flows in perfect rhythm with the Universe

I love that I am closing this 28-day journey with this Power Thought…

When we know that our lives are unfolding as they should, in perfect timing with the intentions of the Universe, we can relax and go with the momentum instead of fighting against the current.  When we can align our energy with the energy of the grander Universe, we gain twice the power and get to where we are meant to go, not only faster, but with more peace, ease, and joy along the way.

May you enjoy the flow of your journey, and may you always remember that you are strength, power, love, and grace.

Thank you for being a part of these 28 days.

Love, Lola