We all know being fit is important for our health, but are we doing enough so that it’s serving our lives in more ways than just a number on a scale or how we fit in our clothes?

Here are three ways upping your overall fitness will not only change your body, but ultimately, change your life:

1. You seek out new challenges to help you grow – Let’s face it, either we challenge ourselves, or life will find a way to challenge us.  If you can step up and try new experiences and challenges through fitness activities, you learn to take challenges head on and develop strength and resiliency that you can apply to all aspects of your life.  Fitness is more than just physical, it’s mental, emotional, and spiritual; the strength you build from challenging yourself will become the backbone that supports you when life throws you a curveball.  You learn to rely not only on the endurance of your physical body to get through tough times, but your mental and emotional fitness as well.

2. You see opportunities and possibilities beyond the status quo – Moving and sweating through physical fitness clears our heads and opens up our senses. Over time we build the capacity to receiving new ideas and being open to new things.  You energy is no longer stagnant and life takes on new momentum because of your efforts to stretch, move, play, and sweat.  Mentally you become more optimistic and see things in a new light. Emotionally you start to be more open with your heart space and allow for more connection and love in your life.

3.  You take on new definitions for yourself – Not only will your body start to take on new muscle definition from upping your physical fitness, but you begin to form new beliefs about who you are, what you can do, and how you present yourself to the world.  There’s new found confidence and a subtle surge of pride as you begin to see yourself differently.  As you carry yourself in this new fit way of living, you almost go through this metamorphosis of who you are, and people start to respond to you differently.

Power up your fitness, inside and out, and watch it enhance all areas of your life.  You will be stronger, happier, more confident, and generate new positive energy.

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As a professional coach who supports women and girls to creating lives that are healthy, strong, and full of dreams come true, I obviously LOVE the power of coaching. Many people have asked me exactly what coaching is all about, so here is a quick look as well as many reasons why you will love it just as much as I do:

    1. We get to focus on YOU, YOU, YOU. Not worried about anyone else but YOU :)
    2. Sessions are focused on creating new solutions, not hashing old problems.
    3. You get to have someone who believes in you more than you believe in yourself.
    4. Coaching conversations show you new perspectives you never though of before.
    5. You get to slow down and start focusing on what’s most important to you.
    6. You learn to become conscious and intentional about how you think and what you create.
    7. Time management becomes easier as you arrange your life by your priorities.
    8. You feel awesome from all the time we spend focusing on your strengths and what you love.
    9. You finally begin to honor yourself and give yourself the time and nourishment you deserve.
    10. You accomplish things you’ve been putting off for years.
    11. People start to notice a difference in how you carry yourself.
    12. You smile a lot more and start to see people differently too.
    13. Self-confidence starts to emerge in the things you do.
    14. You start to try things you’ve secretly been wanting to try but have been too scared to.
    15. You start to feel a stronger sense of self.
    16. You become much more comfortable with saying NO to things that just don’t interest you.
    17. Life is fun because you are focusing on doing things that excite you!
    18. You feel centered, at peace, and loving.
    19. You feel fulfilled at the end of the day.
    20. You start to want others to feel what you feel!
    21. Goals and dreams are no longer daunting but do-able, one week at a time.
    22. You feel proud of yourself for taking charge of your own well-being.
    23. Others start to come to you for insight and advise.
    24. Your positive energy starts to rub off on your partner.
    25. You feel present, alive, and deeply grateful that you are exactly who you are, doing exactly what you are doing.


If you have any questions on coaching or how I can support you to living your healthy, strong, and dreams-come-true life, I would love to hear from you! You can connect with me on my Facebook page or email me at oneglowinglife@gmail.com



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As owners of your precious body and life, you have the answers within yourself to achieve the best health and happiness that feels good to you. While everyone may have different circumstances and challenges, here are some powerful strategies to start practicing to guide all of us to our best wellness:

strategy 1

Take time to take stock of the whole picture

Often times we just want little effort and quick results: lose 10 pounds by summer or cut carbs and sugar, or whatever other trend is popular at the moment. You already know wellness is more than just a number on the scale, how you look in a pair of jeans, or sitting in a yoga class chanting om. The most empowering thing you can do for the enrichment of your health and happiness is to SLOW DOWN and really think about: what does wellness mean to ME? What does my idea of a thriving life look like? Who do I want to be as a healthy person? Where am I in all those life areas that are important to me? When you have mapped out these answers that only you can answer, you can then create action goals in alignment with your conscious intentions. Don’t just start aimlessly…be intentional and holistic about how you create your health and happiness.

strategy 2

Zoom in and focus

Now that you know where you’re at with where you want to go, let’s be realistic and not try to take on everything on your list at once. Choose 2-3 areas you feel the most compelled to focus on right now. Create a few goals for each of those areas for how you would like to consistently be three months from now. Let this be your focus for the next three months and as you make gains and progress, start to add the other areas you would like to shift your focus onto. Our path to wellness should feel the right amount of challenge, not an overwhelming amount of self-imposed pressure that leads to a sense of “I suck…I can’t do this”. Yes, you can do this…pace yourself…dedicate the right amount of energy to the right amount of challenges.


Really play up your strengths

When we feel good, we do good. When we feel like crap…well, you know what comes next. To move in the direction of health and happiness that is meaningful to you, honor your strengths and top passions. If you enjoy being social, join a run club. If you are really into cooking, start a group to exchange healthy recipes and host fun picnics or dinner parties. Please don’t force yourself to go to a hot yoga class if you’d rather stick yourself in the eye than sweat in a painfully hot room. There are other ways to cultivate habits and successes we would like to achieve. If you can steer in the direction of things you really enjoy, you will want to do more of it, and be open to trying other creative answers on your wellness journey.


Trial and “correction” week by week

Nothing you try is ever “wrong”; it’s not “trial and error”, but trial and “correction”. Give yourself a few key goals to focus on for the week, assess your successes at the end of the week, and re-tweak new goals for the following week. Always celebrate your efforts and learn from the process. There’s no finish line for our health, happiness, and wellness…we are always adjusting and working according to where we are right now and where we want to be next. Enjoy your journey week by week!






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My husband and I just got back from our 11-day honeymoon in Costa Rica.

Oh my goodness…it was SO GOOD.  So much so that I don’t really think I can write a post that can accurately describe just how amazing it was.  It was perfect in every way and we really wished that we could just go right back to the airport and hop on a plane to go back.  You know you really need rejuvenating when all you wish for is to be on permanent-vacation…

It’s the end of a big eventful year and we are all tired.  But why do we wait until we have burnt out to take care of ourselves? The whole time I was on vacation all I could think of was: why don’t we do this more often? Why do humans work so much?  Out of 365 days, we only took 11 days to fully unwind?! No wonder we are burnt out!! As we start a new year, I am making it a new wellness goal to consciously create more vacations in my life.  It is the queen of self-care, the best rejuvenation, and an absolute must for anyone who values themselves and their lives enough to enjoy regular relaxation, fun, and adventure. Here’s how we can all infuse more vacationing into our busy hectic lives:

1) Start planning now

Start by knowing that you DESERVE to enjoy time off for recharging and relaxation.  We humans are so conditioned to work non-stop that we feel guilty for taking time off.  I felt so bad asking for extra vacation days because I had just started this new job, but how silly it is that we disregard our need for well-being and refueling just because we feel like we “shouldn’t”.  If this is extra challenging for you, start with baby steps by daydreaming about a vacation you would love to take.  Research shows that actively planning a vacation gives you some of the same physiological benefits as going on actual vacation! Pick a place and create an itinerary…these actions will get your juices flowing and give you momentum to make the actual trip happen!

2) Small, big, and do it often

Not all vacations need to be long and luxurious, although some of those are much welcomed :)  Let yourself take vacations often, even if they are the next town over or in your own city!  You can create a fun and revitalizing stay-cation right in your own home with the right intentions, a few supplies, and unplugging your phone! Self-pampering starts with the right frame of mind and a supportive environment.  And when you’re ready to go big, splurge or save up for a big trip, and have the best time of your life! Life is too short not to indulge sometimes. Remember…you DESERVE it…a lot.

3) Let momentos remind you how you want to live your life

From our Costa Rica trip, we bought a super cute wooden plaque painting with beach and surf board theme to remind us of our time spent on the water, swimming, catching waves, and getting massages on the beach.  I picked sea shells that I will turn into a craft piece to infuse more of my beloved ocean into my everyday living.  We bought local wooden bowls and platters for our kitchen to remind us of the wonderful and kind people we met and the gorgeous meals we enjoyed on our unforgettable trip.  Collecting little momentos from our vacations remind us everyday that we live in a big beautiful world and that there is so much to see, experience, and enjoy.

Vacations shouldn’t be an exception to life…they are PART of life…a life of healing, fun, relaxation, rejuvenation, adventure, and spending quality time with ourselves, the people we love, and the nature around us.  We are already planning our next ones (Taiwan and Barbados) and my shoulders relax and my face smiles just thinking about it :)


© Lola Tsai 2014