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…when she shared your book with me I was in tears.  I know of no one who has captured so beautifully in words and pictures everything that the Girl Scouts are – and everything that the Girl Scouts believe.  Thank you so much for your gracious gift to all of us.” Jan, COO, Girls Scouts of America, NY 

Your words are so powerful and inspiring!  Love, love, love your poem “For my Girls”. Thank you for allowing us to share your inspiring poem at “Our Confidence is Beautiful” conference.” Sheri, Consultant, Childreach, London, ON

Authentic, compassionate, dedicated to helping others discover and develop their authentic voice and natural talents. Lola’s book For My Girls is dedicated to all the girls around the world to empower them with love, self-confidence and knowing they are special just the way they were. Lola is a gifted listener, culturally sensitive, a professional with integrity and wise beyond her years. Lola is the real deal, she cares and dedicates her life to make a difference in the world and for humanity; she is a blessing to the world! 
- Linda, University of Washington, Seattle, WA

This is a wonderful book for any girl. Girls need to be surrounded by positive and encouraging thoughts at a young age, in order to instill values of a lifetime. As a teacher I plan to take as much as I can from this book and pay it forward to the seven and eight year old children I’m with on a daily basis. – BrieAnne, Teacher, Portland, OR

I am very passionate about empowering young girls and women from the community where I grew up. I have two daughters and I am writing a book for girls. I would like to see your poster in every classroom in South Africa where there is a girl child.” – Natasha, Writer, Capetown, South Africa

I just read your beautiful poem. I savoured every word of yours. It’s beautiful and touching.  You are a gift to us girls in the world.”  - Gifty, Founder of Greight Foundation, Ghana, Africa