My dear girls around the world, there are things I want to say.
I want to tell you why you’re special and how you change the world today.

My lovely girls around the world, there’s a beauty in you I see.
It’s not your face or what you wear, it’s the happy smile you share with me.

My beautiful girls around the world, I sense a power in you.
It’s not your body or how you move, it’s the kind of things you do.

My brilliant girls around the world, I love the words you speak.
Always know that you have a choice to create how you think.

My confident girls around the world, you are strong and tall.
Use your voice to express yourself, and move hearts, one and all.

My sweet girls around the world, you have amazing hearts.
When you nurture and you love, you shine among the stars.

My courageous girls around the world, your fears give you fire.
You show there’s only room for dreams and living your heart’s desires.

My wise girls around the world, live the nature in you.
Know that strength and grace from this Earth lie within you too.

My magnificent girls around the world, you hold so much light.
Just by shining the truth in you, you expand the energy of life.

My visionary girls around the world, you were born to lead.
Hold some hands and show the way, you’ll discover what you seek.

My divine girls around the world, when all is said and done…
Just be happy and full of passion because being you is so much fun!

Along this journey if you ever forget, come back to these words and say
“I know I’m special in all that I am and I change the world today”.

Copyright 2010 Lola Tsai

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Power of Words Workshop - New Heights Basketball Girls - Vancouver 2015

Power of Words Workshop – New Heights Basketball Girls – Vancouver 2015