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My passion and life work is to help women create amazing and powerful lives they love.

The first step in creating this empowering life is to cultivate a strong sense of self through your journeys of personal growth and self-empowerment so that you may find your power and magnificence within. I truly believe that each one of us is brilliant, amazing, and powerful, and that when we express our fullest potential, we offer light and love to the world.

The purpose of this workbook is for you to gain more insight into your self and your life at your own pace. It asks you questions and allows space for you to explore who you are, where you are right now in your life, and what you would like to create.

Take your time to go through each topic as they apply to your life right now at this moment. Know that you will change with time, so that your responses to these words and questions will change over time as well. Growth is a journey: accept and start with where you are right now at this point in time. Everything is unfolding as it should.

​Self-discovery and growth can be a challenging yet fulfilling process. It takes time, hard inner work, asking and answering difficult and emotional questions, dedication to making changes, and there are always new lessons. But these journeys of growth will be the best things you will ever do for yourself and for those in your life because your happiness and sense of fulfillment will extend to others around you.

I hope this 30-page e-book will help you on your journey for more personal growth and self-empowerment. It is my deepest wish for you that you realize the magnificence of your own being, know that you are a precious light for humanity, and that you have the power to create an amazing life you love.

Love, Lola



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