My dear girls and women,

Thank you so much for visiting! I am so happy you have found your way here and I can’t wait to share some powerful moments with you.

ONE GLOWING LIFE Empowerment & Fitness has been a work of love…one that inspires and empowers girls and women to find their power within and to create a life that feels true, strong and full of light. 

I truly believe that each and everyone of us is POWERFUL, and that we are here to create an awesome life we love.  With the energy of our bodies and the power of our minds, we are here to design a life that reflects who we truly are on the inside, and to come together to transform the world.

My work inspires and supports you to get clear on who you are, to take actions to express your strengths and passions, and to achieve your life goals and dreams. I believe you are your best gift to the world when you are your best self: confident, strong, and radiant.

My greatest gift to you is to remind you that you have the power and the choice to be your most true and best self, to live your most vibrant life, to make all your dreams come true, and to make the difference you are here to make in the world.

I am here to support you to your most glowing life.

With so much love,



Mama. Coach. Dreamer.


Honor yourself. Commit to being the best version of you. Believe in your highest potential.

Dedicate yourself to your purpose and be relentlessly devoted to your dreams.

Give kindness. Share love. Create strength, power, love, and grace in all you do.



  • NCSF Personal Trainer – certification in progress 2017
  • Certified Health & Wellness Coach  – Wellcoaches
  • Certified Life Coach – Dream University
  • Certified YogaFit Instructor – Level 1, Level 2, kids yoga, pre/post natal
  • Certified Johnny G Spinning Instructor
  • Children’s Educator & Teacher Trainer
  • University of British Columbia – BA Psychology



  • The ocean! I love living by the water in Vancouver, British Columbia, and am working on fulfilling my dream of living by the beach in some tropical paradise.
  • I love reading personal growth and spiritual books, and my journal is my lifesaver. I have written in a journal since I was 13 and it’s my number one go-to for centering myself and writing out the visions I want to manifest in my life.
  • I LOVE strength training and running…these two things make me feel extra powerful and alive.
  • I have collected quotes since high school and they are kept in spiral bound notebooks I wrote by hand. Now I collect and create quotes more so digitally, but my favorite is still having words on paper. I love the power of beautiful words.
  • Traveling! I love seeing and experiencing the world and want to do more of it!!!
  • My son Jordie…he is the light of my life :)