“We may find it convenient to live with the illusion that circumstances or other people are responsible for the quality of our lives, but the reality is that we are responsible – RESPONSE ABLE – for our choices.” – Stephen Covey

Our lives are ours to create.

What do you wish and dream for, for yourself and your life?

What are you waiting for to create this life?

Through this 7-week self-guided e-coaching course, I’m excited to share with you the map and strategies to create this life that you have been longing for.  Whether your dream is to create new work you love, have a relationship that makes your heart sing, or to make a difference in the world…only you hold the key to the life you dream of.  It’s not a fantasy and it’s not only reserved for those special few…your dream life is waiting for YOU. This life comes from you and the pure powerful potential that you are here to express. 

For our 7 weeks together, you will receive 7 lessons to work on each week.  With each lesson, you learn to re-focus your whole self: mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, and towards the kind of self and life you dream of being and living. With deep contemplative questions for self-reflection and practical take-action strategies to implement in your daily life, you start to transform the way you think, the values you believe, the actions you take, the choices you make, and ultimately, the life you live.

Here is what we will learn and apply in your life in 7 weeks:

  1. One Life to Live: Make It an Amazing One – Intention & Values
  1. You are Here to Do Something for the World: Do It – Purpose & Actions
  1. Follow Your Dreams to the Max – Manifesting Dreams
  1. Move Your Body: You are Part of the Universal Energy & Momentum – Body & Wellness
  1. You are Exactly What You Think: Power Up Your Mind – Mental Power
  1. Service is the Ultimate Love: Give Your Legacy Now – Heart & Spirit
  1. Fill Up on Gratefulness: It’s the Magic – Peace & Joy

What you will receive:

  • One 30-minute clarity coaching call with Lola before we begin
  • 1 lesson emailed to you each week with topic notes, reflection questions, and action steps
  • Email support and coaching with Lola each week for your questions/ insights
  • One 30-minute wrap up coaching call with Lola at the end of 7-weeks

COST: $250 CND


Creating your life is up to you.

I’m here to support you to express your amazing self.

Isn’t it time you start thinking of how amazing and powerful your life can be?



Lola is an amazing coach and mentor! Today I am on purpose, living my dreams and taking steps each day to continue on my chosen path all thanks to Lola. She gave me the motivation and direction I needed to ‘get out of the mud’ and start accomplishing my goals. She is caring and compassionate and the tools she provides are powerful, thought provoking and life changing. If you have ever thought of working with a life coach, take the next step and hire Lola. I guarantee you will be awed by the results.  (Angela, Canada)

Lola has been instrumental in helping me to realize my dream of starting my own business, and create actionable goals for the future. The greatest value I’ve received from working with Lola is discovering my purpose and creating action steps to achieve it, which lets me now go through both my professional and personal life with so much clarity and direction. Lola was very professional working with me from overseas and an 8 hour time difference via Skype. Our sessions were consistently inspiring, impactful, and personalized. I would absolutely recommend anyone to use Lola as a coach to aid them in defining and achieving their dreams and purpose in life. That is something of outstanding value to anyone!
  (Jennifer, Scotland)