Working with Lola was an invaluable experience. She really helped me focus my vision, harness my power and map out the steps and actions needed to set up my business.  With Lola’s guidance, I was able to achieve so many of my goals and dreams in relatively short time and to lay the foundation for future successes.  Our sessions were inspiring and energizing, and I would absolutely recommend Lola to anyone looking to find their purpose and achieve their dreams.

Kate, Stockholm, Sweden < >


A number of years ago One Glowing Life was recommended to me by a longtime friend of mine. I had been experiencing some setbacks and struggles in my life – physically, mentally and emotionally. I felt utterly stagnant and stuck. My life revolved around the continuous, monotonous routine of eat, sleep, work, repeat. Where had all the passion and motivation and drive for my life gone?


In the past few years I have had the pleasure to work with Lola on a couple different occasions. Each time Lola has helped me to uncover a “new level” of myself. Her gentle guidance, thought-provoking questions, encouragement, unwavering support, and friendship have all helped me to realize my own worth and potential. She helped guide me to create a vision of the life I want to live based on what I value the most. We established small, actionable goals that week after week built upon one another, and led me to feel in control of my life (and happiness!) once again. I am now moving my body with regular exercise, making healthier choices, and living and being more true to myself than I ever have before. I have momentum in my life again! Thank you Lola, for all you’ve done for me and for ALL you do to empower women and others to truly live their best life.  - Erin, Vancouver, BC


17202775_10154881465860240_5429950902384270485_nIt would have been easy to write this testimonial right after our last session, coming off what always feels like a great “deep” chat with a good friend in a car…you know the one where “you get real” while the engine runs for an hour (ha). When I started my coaching sessions with Lola I thought the journey would be about getting back on track with health, fitness, putting myself first, picking up the pace with my non-existent and/or random workouts, fitting into “that dress” and putting down the baguette’s and wine but that did not happen… what I discovered with Lola is I had to “awaken the Michaella within” first…and I did…and it is pretty awesome! I waited to write this testimonial to see if like most things would I be excited for the first week post calls but as the second or third week came and went would I fall into my old habits …I haven’t  – I am more focused then I have ever been, I  have made a shift.  If you are open to investing in yourself, holding yourself accountable and putting in the work, amazing things will happen. Just watch.   Michaella, Hamilton, ON


Lola’s coaching style is luminous and powerful. I showed up to the Women’s Empowerment Circle a little unsure of what would happen. I signed up because I have known Lola for a couple years now and am constantly amazed by her actions. She is always “doing” something and making a difference. I wanted to learn how to “take action” as well and start living and sharing my dreams. It is hard to really put into words how lovely and powerful the evening was. It was amazing to sit together and discover the thru-line of our circle for the evening. We all shared passions and dreams, but also felt like getting started was like standing at the bottom of a huge mountain feeling unsure of where to start the climb. Lola provided us with a map and the tools needed to take the first steps and when I looked down at “my project” and all the concrete actions I was able to list in order to get the project done I was overwhelmed with emotion because now it was happening. I left our shared space that evening with steps that were simple, clear and to the point. I am well on my way to completing a project that for over a year remained just an idea. Thank you Lola – you’re a game changer!  Lisa, Vancouver, BC

Lola is truly gifted in the art and science of coaching. During our weekly sessions she masterfully guided me as I defined, and then worked to fulfill, my goals. She is easy to talk to and offered me clarity and encouragement. Along with her thoughtful observations, authentic support, and sincere insights, Lola provided realistic, constructive strategies that I could apply to my wellness vision. One simple hour of coaching per week translated into lasting results. I am noticeably better at managing my diet, fitness, and hectic daily schedule. Lola’s consummate listening and coaching skills allow her to help you harness your own strengths, follow through on your goals, and come away feeling as though you can accomplish anything. Without hesitation I whole-heartedly recommend Lola knowing that my life has changed for the better with her as my inspiration! – Kari, Dallas, Texas

Lola’s sincere and structured approach to coaching enabled me to clarify and heed my personal and professional aspirations. Our ten week program was a holistic approach to self and offered great insight and many ah-ha moments! I will be forever greatful to One Glowing Life for being the catalyst for positive change in my life. 
- Sandra, Victoria, BC



Lola is an amazing coach and mentor! Today I am on purpose, living my dreams and taking steps each day to continue on my chosen path all thanks to Lola. She gave me the motivation and direction I needed to ‘get out of the mud’ and start accomplishing my goals. She is caring and compassionate and the tools she provides are powerful, thought provoking and life changing. If you have ever thought of working with a life coach, take the next step and hire Lola. I guarantee you will be awed by the results. 
Angela, Winnipeg, MB



Lola is a special light on this earth. After working with Lola in the Health & Wellness Event industry, I can attest that Lola is one of the most inspirational, articulate and nurturing souls you will have the honour of meeting. Lola’s skill set, ability to see the greater picture and determination to attain goals on a global scale is extraordinary. Her ability to share her gift in helping people determine and achieve their goals is remarkable. I give my highest recommendation of Lola’s skills and services; she is truly a one of a kind, influential leader. 
Lindsay, Vancouver, BC

jentoughLola has been instrumental in helping me to realize my dream of starting my own business, and create actionable goals for the future. The greatest value I’ve received from working with Lola is discovering my purpose and creating action steps to achieve it, which lets me now go through both my professional and personal life with so much clarity and direction. Lola was very professional working with me from overseas and an 8 hour time difference via Skype. Our sessions were consistently inspiring, impactful, and personalized. I would absolutely recommend anyone to use Lola as a coach to aid them in defining and achieving their dreams and purpose in life. That is something of outstanding value to anyone!
 - Jennifer, Edinburgh, Scotland  Check out Jenn’s amazing adventures! 

Lola is remarkably gifted at helping others identify their dreams, strengths and life’s purpose. Drawing on her own resources and experience, Lola passionately helps others discover and cultivate their own inner strength and ignite that spark within themselves. As someone who is dedicated, driven and empathetic, Lola reflects a deep understanding of people and has made it her mission to help others achieve their greatest potential and fulfill their dreams. - Saara, Founder of AWARE Canada, Vancouver, BC 

Lola has been a very important part of the Single Mothers Breakthrough Program and has facilitated several workshops empowering them and helping them find the power within them.  She is very interactive at helping the women see their worth, which is foundational to being the best they can be.  Lola is caring, empowering, loving, energetic and innovative.
  - Mona, Salvation Army Vancouver Community & Family Services, Vancouver, BC