Top 10 Lessons for a Glowing Life


Life lessons and heart lessons. We all have them.

Here are ten of my top lessons so far on this wild ride of life. I hope by sharing them with you, you glean some wisdom for your own journey.

1. You must start within yourself: No one is going to hand it to you.  Success, real growth, deep wisdom, and a life that is authentic and empowering…no one just delivers it to your lap, you must have the desire, the awareness, and go through the inner work of working on yourself and your own life.  We are given the power to do this, so start finding the kindling within yourself.

2. Personal growth takes time: Growth is a lifelong process and practice.  There are no quick fixes, and you are in this journey for life.  Just when you thought you are done learning, the next lesson is right around the corner.  And that’s a good thing, because that means you are truly alive.

3. Resistance and challenges are part of the lesson: If they are going to be part of the process, we might as well use them to further us.  Take the opportunity to use trying times as a way to further define who you are and what you want in life.  Some of my best times have been when I’ve been super down and it fires me up to make big declarations of what I want for my life.

4. Creation is fun! The best reward for creating a life you enjoy is the exhilarated feeling you get when you make something happen, when you make a dream come true. When you enjoy the process, more comes to you for you to enjoy and it’s fuel for you to keep going and keep creating!

5. Learn from others but be your original self: Often times there are urges to want to do what others have done.  Learn best practices from others but stay with what feels most right for you.  No one can whip up your own flavor like you do, and the world needs us to bring out our own unique flavors.

6. Time can’t be rushed: Learn to accept this universal truth.  There is the right timing for everything.  We focus on doing and creating, and the Universe takes care of timing.  Don’t fight against reality.

7. Your body is a huge part of the process: We must tap into the wisdom and energy of the Universe within our bodies by moving it, resting it, taking care of it, and developing a connected relationship with it.  Be mindful of the feelings you feel when you move your body…it is the most direct way to be present and in the moment.

8. Love is grand and the biggest mirror for yourself: The quest for a love relationship and your dynamic with your love partner is the biggest reflection of who you are, how you love yourself, how you love the world, and how you create a life you love. Use this reflection to learn and grow.

9. You must serve: Service is the ultimate love.  The highest unconditional love we can feel comes from serving someone who cannot repay us.  To feel the brightest glow in life: serve.

10. Everything we create comes from our connection with the Universe: The choices we make to creating the experience we want on Earth is intricately connected to the awareness of who we are in this time and place. The stronger the connection we maintain with the creative force of this Universe, the more we express the power of our own creations.


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