ARE YOU READY for YOUR MOST powerful body?




What does a powerful body mean to you?

Do you wish you could look more vibrant and feel more energized for your life?

Could you use inspiring support and reliable accountability to take your health and fitness to the next level?

I truly believe that how we move our bodies is how we live our lives.  Make your health and wellness your top priority and you will  transform your life!

All of us have the power to create the best health for our bodies. You have the choice and the control to truly shape the energy of your life. Deep down inside, you know how great it feels to have a sense of focus, peace, and clarity. And at the end of the day, you love being a positive role model for those you love. But with busy days and demanding lives, we can all use some support and fuel towards our goals of being fit and living well.

Today is a new beginning on your journey to taking great care of yourself.

As your Personal Wellness Coach, we work together towards your vision of what health/fitness/wellness means to you:

  • We define the positive change you are ready to make.
  • We discover your true motivations for wanting a strong and healthy life.
  • We ignite your strengths and give energy to your vision.
  • We design and craft your inspired actions.
  • We celebrate your successes and move forward with momentum.

Let’s connect your body to your mind, spirit, and energy for life.
And let us start to live the truth that our health really is our greatest wealth.


“A number of years ago One Glowing Life was recommended to me by a longtime friend of mine. I had been experiencing some setbacks and struggles in my life – physically, mentally and emotionally. I felt utterly stagnant and stuck. My life revolved around the continuous, monotonous routine of eat, sleep, work, repeat. Where had all the passion and motivation and drive for my life gone?
In the past few years I have had the pleasure to work with Lola on a couple different occasions. Each time Lola has helped me to uncover a “new level” of myself. Her gentle guidance, thought-provoking questions, encouragement, unwavering support, and friendship have all helped me to realize my own worth and potential. She helped guide me to create a vision of the life I want to live based on what I value the most. We established small, actionable goals that week after week built upon one another, and led me to feel in control of my life (and happiness!) once again. I am now moving my body with regular exercise, making healthier choices, and living and being more true to myself than I ever have before. I have momentum in my life again! Thank you Lola, for all you’ve done for me and for ALL you do to empower women and others to truly live their best life.”
(Erin, Vancouver, BC)


“Lola is truly gifted in the art and science of coaching. During our weekly sessions she masterfully guided me as I defined, and then worked to fulfill, my goals. She is easy to talk to and offered me clarity and encouragement.

Along with her thoughtful observations, authentic support, and sincere insights, Lola provided realistic, constructive strategies that I could apply to my wellness vision. One simple hour of coaching per week translated into lasting results. I am noticeably better at managing my diet, fitness, and hectic daily schedule.

Lola’s consummate listening and coaching skills allow her to help you harness your own strengths, follow through on your goals, and come away feeling as though you can accomplish anything. Without hesitation I whole-heartedly recommend Lola knowing that my life has changed for the better with her as my inspiration!”

(Kari – Dallas, Texas)



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